Showing Your Property

Preparing your house to sell can make a big difference in how your house is perceived by a potential buyer.  First impressions are lasting – having your house in good condition could get you a higher price for the property and help to sell it faster.

Showing the Interior

When showing the interior of your home, you want to make sure to:

  • Clean the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Remove any excess clutter or large furniture (this includes the garage)
  • Fix cracked windows, stained ceilings, wall marks
  • Keep counter tops cleared
  • Clean or replace carpeting
  • Clean every room in the house
  • Showcase attic and closets
  • Repair any holes in the walls, wallpaper or paint
  • Inspect and repair the plumbing, heating, cooling, alarm systems.
  • Open draperies and curtains for natural light
  • Repair sticking doors, windows, drawers, dripping faucets, replace light bulbs, etc.

Showing the Exterior

When preparing the exterior of your home, you want to make sure to:

  • Keep hedges trimmed
  • Make sure your lawn and landscape is nicely manicured and weeded
  • Check the foundation, steps, walkways, walls and patios for cracks
  • Inspect for peeling paint and fix clean gutters
  • Paint the front door
  • Make sure the fence is in good condition
  • Make sure that your doorbell wroks
  • Touch up or repaint, preferably in neutral colors